Frequently Asked Questions

What is an end grain cutting board?


End grain cutting boards are made when individual boards of wood are arranged so that the grain of the wood runs vertically (up and down). This puts one end of each board up so that the cutting surface is actually the end of many individual pieces of hardwood. With the grain aligned in this manner the knife strikes the surface during cutting and the grain of the wood actually separates and then closes when the knife is removed. It is much like cutting into a firm brush which accounts for the self-healing aspect of the end-grain surface. The wood itself is not cut, but instead you are cutting between the fibers. You will find that your blade edges last much longer, and you'll see NO KNIFE MARKS on the board.

Why are edge grain cutting boards so much cheaper?


Edge grain cutting boards are nothing more than a few small boards glued together. The time and material cost for these boards is minimal. Edge grain boards are hard on the knife edge, will facilitate cut marks, and are not near as beautiful as an end grain board. Remember the old saying: “You get what you pay for”. 

Are glass or plastic cutting boards a better option?


No!! Glass boards are unforgiving on your knife edge and will quickly dull them. A plastic board will develop deep cuts and will be can be difficult if not impossible to properly clean and sanitize. In addition, they will not provide the beautiful touch to your countertop that a hand crafted end grain cutting board will.  

How do I maintain my board?


It is recommended you oil the board with CBC Board Oil which is FDA approved food grade pure mineral oil. In addition, the board should be periodically waxed with an application of CBC Board Wax to help maintain water repellency. Proper surface treatment is important to guard against germs and/or mold growth on both new and older boards. The wood surface needs an oil that can be repeatedly applied to fill the wood pores and repel food particles, liquids, and oils. Vegetable, Olive, & Nut Oils will turn rancid over time and SHOULD NOT BE USED. Each board purchased includes a written cleaning and care guide.

Do you make custom sizes?


Absolutely... We specialize in custom orders. Our stock sizes are listed on our products pages. However, we will be happy to discuss other options and provide a free estimate for custom orders. All estimates will be honored for 30 days.

Do you offer a warranty?


All Cutting Board Concepts products shall be warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 60 days from the date of receipt.